20th Anniversary
Korean Friendship Association

Our Story


The KFA was officially registered on November 13th of the year 2000, but it existed in Spain since 1990 under the name: Korean Friendship Association “September 9th”.


KFA “September 9th” activites were limited since most members were teenagers, without any financial support and attending high school. But they organized some public conferences and art exhibitions in different places of Granada and Tarragona provinces (Spain).


In this picture, Founder and President Alejandro Cao de Benos poses for a picture with the Vice-President and Secretaries on that time (1992).

1994 condolences
The saddest day for the KFA in 1994 was on July 8th, when President Kim Il Sung passed away.

In this letter date August 11th 1994, Mr. Yu Chang Un, DPRK's Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador send a thanks letter to the KFA President.

2001 pagec

By the end of the year 2000, Internet became mainstream and available for most people. On that time there was not a single page with DPRK official information, but just fake propaganda from the CIA World Fact Book and the South Korean government. President Cao de Benos decided to change that situation and requested permission from the DPRK to build the first ever page with direct connection with the country. This is how the website korea-dpr.com was created.


The website was designed with Dreamweaver, and got big attention from the tech media that  published some articles about it (Including an interview with the famous magazine Slate from Microsoft Corp). That interview gave a bigh push in terms of audience and brought the page to the first search position in Yahoo Search (The most famous search engine on that time).

On January 15th, 2001, the Korea-Spain Friendship Association sent a letter by post congratulating the registration of the KFA, the inauguration of korea-dpr.com and arranging the next visit to Pyongyang on April.
meeting belgium 001
kfa meet belgium

Since our first international branch of the KFA was inaugurated in UK, we approved a yearly KFA International Meeting with rotating place, where members have the chance to meet face to face, discuss activities and build personal relations. In this picture: After the meeting, KFA members tour cultural places in Belgium.

kfa meet finland

The KFA has contact with other international organizations. In this picture the KFA attends in Helsinki the 45th Anniversary of the Finland-Korea Friendship Association.

pyongyang circus

The KFA regularly participate in DPRK events overseas and assist visiting Korean delegations in their respective countries. In this picture: The team of the Pyongyang Circus is receiving the Golden Elephant, highest prize of the International Circus Festival of Girona, Spain.

kfa flag

KFA actively participates in all the biggest commemorations in the DPRK. In this picture: KFA presents a flag for the Dear Leader KIM JONG IL (Year 2005).

Photo and art exhibition in Barcelona (2002)