International Organization Committee

President of the Korean Friendship Association

Mr. Alejandro Cao de Benos

From his position as Special Delegate for the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries - High Ministry in the Government of the DPRK , and at the same time KFA President and founder, received authorization and total support from his Ministry to host and start the operation of this server. Mr. Alejandro Cao de Benos is awarded with DPRK medals and honors, like the Order of Friendship, Medal of the Republic Foundation, Order of the Flag of the Republic and 'O Jun Hup' 7th Regiment badge awarded by the Korea People's Army in Panmunjon. He is also Delegate Counselor of Banzeminzon (Anti-imperialist National Democratic Front of South Korea) and Honorary Journalist by the Central Committee of Radio and Television of the DPR Korea among other responsibilities.

Intel Org Sec

Mr.Mana Sapmak

Intel Commissar

Mr.Trever Aritz

Intel Comsec

Mr.Carlos Luna

Official Delegates

KFA OD in Argentina

Mr.Conrado Conci

KFA OD in Australia

Mr.Jake G.

KFA OD in Brazil

Mr.Emanuel Tejerina

KFA OD in Canada

Mr.Shane Pick

KFA OD in Chile

Mr.Manuel Arismendi P

KFA OD in El Salvador

Mr.Melvin Rico

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Mr.Marisol Ortiz

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Mr.T Mosler

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Mr.Nobel K. Adonu

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Mr.Periklis K

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Mr.Marco Tumminaro

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Mr. de Boer

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Mr. Sulver Calero

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Mr.Luka Nićiforović

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Mr.Bojan Vrsic

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Mr.Airul qaiz

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Mr.Mikel Vivanko

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Mr. Martin Lotscher

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Mr.Deniz Burcay Haberal

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Mr.Alexis Deniz

KFA OD in the Uganda

Mr.Dennis Owachgiu

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Mr. Dermot



KFA OD in Zimbabwe

Mr.Kwanisai Mafa

KFA OD in the Scandinavia

Mr.Ulrich Larsen