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Ancient Times

Ancient Joson, the first state of the Korean nation, was founded by Tangun. It was set up in the early 30th century BC and existed for approximately 3000 years until 108 BC.

It was a power in the East which occupied a vast area of Northeast Asia, centring on Pyongyang.

The appearance of Tangun’s Joson put an end to the long primitive ages, and the Korean nation established one of the first states in the East, ushering in the era of civilization.

The emergence of Ancient Joson almost coincided with that of ancient states built in the Nile River basin and Mesopotamia known as cradles of human civilization.

In the mid-15th century BC Puyo occupying the vast area of the Songhua River basin and Kuryo covering the area comprising the Hun River and the middle reaches of the Amnok River emerged as ancient states, respectively.

In the 12th century BC Jinguk was established in the central and southern part of the Korean peninsula seceding from Tangun’s Joson.

People of the ancient states including Tangun’s Joson did farming mainly and increased productivity by developing handicraft, stockbreeding, fishing, etc.

They developed bronze metallurgy from the early period and made lute­ shaped daggers and spearheads, narrow bronze daggers and spearheads, bronze dirks, axes, chisels and other weapons and tools, such trinkets as fine striped mirrors and a variety of harness.
In the later period of Ancient Joson, ironware was widely used with the progress of iron- and steel-making technologies.

The Sinji characters indigenous to the Korean nation were used; simple philosophical views on the origin of the world were advanced Astrometeorology was developed; and the techniques of weaving silk, hemp and woolen fabrics were at a high level.

Ancient Joson also witnessed a boost in song and dance, instrumental music, acrobatics, painting, sculpture and industrial arts, and bronze and gilt bronze craftsmanship was on a considerably high standard.

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