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KFA Membership

Who can join?

We are welcome any person who shares the common goals of the KFA and interested in the DPRK , regardless of race, nationality, politics or religion.

The membership is totally free. The members participate in the association are creating cultural and friendship links between the DPRK and all the countries in the world.

Membership Card

You can use the card to identify your membership and position worldwide with other members. KFA Member Card holder  have  privileged discounts in KFA Delegations.

How to apply for KFA Member Card?

Send your name, surname, birth date and country, together with a scan of your passport or ID Card to verify your identity to:

The card cost 50 Euros and will be valid for 2 years. The payment details will be provided after the request.

*** Membership is free ***   *** KFA Members are not compulsory to obtain Membership Card ***

Membership Registration Form

    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email
    4. Date of Birth*
    5. Phone Number
    6. City*
    7. State / Province / Region*
    8. Country

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