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Tourist Service

Pyongyang, the capital city, and provinces have tourist facilities and traffic means.
In Pyongyang there are the Pyongyang Koryo Hotel, Yanggakdo International Hotel, Ryanggang Hotel, Sosan Hotel, Chongnyon Hotel, etc. Outstanding provincial hotels include the Hyangsan Hotel in the Mt Myohyang area, Kumgangsan Hotel and Oekumgang Hotel in the Mt Kumgang area, Kaesong Folk Hotel and Janamsan Hotel in the Kaesong area and Majon Hotel in the Hamhung area. Hotels are being built or renovated.

Hotels serve tourists with peculiar Korean traditional dishes, world-renowned dishes and refreshing drinks; special dishes and beverages are those made with the world-renowned Kaesong Koryo insam, and natural water known for high quality, like Sindok spring water and Kangso mineral water.

Airplanes, buses and other means of traffic are available.

The new tourist destinations and the new service amenities which are now under development will allow the DPRK to accommodate more tourists.

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