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Introduction to Tourism

The National Tourism Administration, Korea International Travel Company, Korea International Youth and Children’s Travel Company and Korea International Sports Travel Company are headquartered in Pyongyang. In provinces are the Myohyangsan International Travel Company (North Phyongan Province), Paektusan International Travel Company (Ryanggang Province) and Chilbosan International Travel Company (North Hamgyong Province), Rason International Travel Company (Rason), etc.

According to contracts with their foreign counterparts, these travel companies receive tourists and serve them.

The tourist season spans from April to October, but it is also possible in other seasons if desired.

Tourism is divided into ordinary tourism that focuses on sightseeing and special tourism.

Ordinary tourism is composed of colourful events such as visits to monumental edifices, exhibition halls and museums, and tour of scenic spots and historical remains. Special tourism includes a trip to historical remains centring on Koguryo’s mural tombs, a geological study tour and a tour for observation of migratory birds at the Taedong River, which are aimed at making a study and observation of things concerning a particular field.

A tourist program ranges from a trip of three days and two nights to a trip of 15 days and 14 nights.

The current tourist route in the country is set as follows:

On arriving at Pyongyang by air or train, tourism begins.

In Pyongyang one visits the Tower of the Juche Idea, Arch of Triumph and others. Following this one can take the Pyongyang-Kaesong route leading to the capital of Koryo, and Panmunjom on the Military Demarcation Line, Pyongyang­Mt Myohyang route to the scenic spots in the northwestern area, Pyongyang-· Wonsan-Mt Kumgang route to a coastal city of cultural recreation and the scenic spots on the shore of the East Sea of Korea, Pyongyang-Nampho-West Sea Barrage route to a port city and monumental edifice on the coast of the West Sea of Korea, or Pyongyang-Mt Paektu route to the scenic spots in the northern border area.

These routes will take you to the neighbouring scenic spots, historical remains and other desired places.

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