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What is fundamental in capital construction in the DPRK is concentration on modern fashion and higher quality of building. Construction by specialized builders is properly combined with that by the masses.

The sequence and procedures of construction are correctly decided, according to the relative importance in building, and manpower, equipment and materials are used in a concentrated way. Capital construction, new construction, repair, and reconstruction are rationally combined.

The construction sector is upgrading its means of designing, equipment and tools, actively introducing the techniques of zero-energy, zero-carbon and intelligent architecture, and it is making efforts to expand the capacities of the building-materials production bases.

It is rendering a positive contribution to building a powerful socialist country by constructing modern factories, enterprises, apartment blocks and monumental structures on the principle of prioritizing comfort and aesthetic beauty.

Today the country has greeted a heyday in construction. Everything changes yesterday and today, with the mushrooming of modern structures.

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