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Foreign Relations

Independence, peace and friendship are the ideals of the DPRK’s foreign policy. The DPRK regards it as a consistent and steadfast principle to firmly maintain independence, develop friendly and cooperative relations with different countries in the world which respect its sovereignty, and wage a dynamic struggle to oppose war and defend peace and security of the world.

These ideals are universal, international concepts which everyone can accept and embody. Under the banner of independence, peace and friendship, the Government of the DPRK is making efforts to achieve common development while developing relations and cooperation with all the countries and nations which respect its sovereignty, do not interfere in its internal affairs but treat it on an equal footing.

The DPRK maintains diplomatic relations with over 160 countries, has acceded to over 210 inter-governmental and non­governmental organizations such as the UN and Non-Aligned Movement, and takes part in the activities of their major organs including their regular meetings (general meetings), executive committees, councils and secretariats.

From March 15 to mid-April Juche 101 (2012) a photo exhibition, titled “Window on North Korea,” was held in New York under the joint auspices of the Korean Central News Agency and AP.

World Congress on the Juche

From April 12 to 13, Juche 101 (2012) the followers of the Juche idea in the five continents of the world gathered in Pyongyang, and held the World Congress on the Juche Idea on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung. The congress declared that the Juche idea is the eternal banner for the realization of the cause of independence of humankind.

Delegations and delegates from over 60 countries attended the congress.
The congress adopted the Pyongyang Declaration of the World Congress on the Juche Idea.

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