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Land Administration

In order to provide the people with independent and creative living conditions, great efforts are made to transform the land, resources and natural environment. Land and resources are protected and managed and land administration is developed in a planned, far-sighted way.

The work of protecting land and environment is carried on through a mass movement as a patriotic work for the everlasting prosperity of the country, and the looks of the country are changing as befits a socialist fairyland.

Regarding forest restoration not merely as part of land administration work but as a battle to defend the assets of the nation, the country is turning all the mountains into “gold mountains” and “treasure mountains.” It worked out annual plans and is making persevering efforts to implement them.

Modern tree nurseries are being built in a cost-effective way all over the country and the production of saplings is made a priority. All the people are turning out with one accord in the campaign to plant and cultivate trees according to technical regulations and in a responsible manner.

The country is directing due attention to environmental conservation so as to protect and increase its resources and keep its air, rivers and seas free from pollution.

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