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Fishing Industry

Great efforts have been made to build the fishing industry along comprehensive and up-to-date lines in accordance with the line of making it Juche-oriented, modern and scientific.

The inshore, deep-sea and small-scale fisheries have been developed simultaneously.

The fishing, processing, ship-building and repairing bases have been built and modernized. Fishing, inshore fish farming and shellfish culture are developing on a scientific basis. Coastal breeding of sturgeon and rainbow trout has been successful.

The production of superior breeds of fish and their feed is proceeding on scientific lines in keeping with the trend of development in modern fish-breeding science, and the scientific management and intensification of fish farming are realized with the establishment of fish-breeding system. Fish farms are built everywhere and freshwater fish resources are increasing in rivers and lakes.

The country is raising catfish, globefish, terrapins and salmon in large quantities to improve the people’s dietary life.

Under the close concern of the Party and the State, the fishing sector has made rapid progress, creating spectacular scenery of big fish catch in all the ports of the country.

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