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DPRK Advances by Dint of Self-sustenance and Self-dependence

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has performed miracles and changes in the history of its development by dint of self-sustenance and self-dependence.

In the last century, under the banner of self-sustenance and self-dependence, the Korean people carried out in a short span of 14 years the industrialization of the country which had taken others a full century or even several centuries, and built a socialist state independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defence. In the course of this, they waged a fierce struggle to adhere to the line of self-sufficiency in defiance of the pressure of great-power chauvinists, and to resolutely defend the line of socialist economic construction against the economic pressure of imperialists.

Tremendous is the might of Juche Korea which has consolidated its national strength by its own efforts and in its own way without being fettered by anything nor reading other’s face.

The past decade has witnessed it.

In retrospect, the obstacles and challenges the Korean people faced in their advance were hard for them to stand up. But they have successfully forced their way through trials decisive of their existence by dint of self-sustenance and self-dependence, and turned all the extreme difficulties into a springboard for development, demonstrating their indomitable spirit and creativity.

They accomplished the cause of building the country’s nuclear forces, produced the armaments of a Korean style in which the absolute power of their country was accumulated, normalized production of metallurgical, chemical and other key industries and in various sectors directly linked with the people’s living and carried out their renovation projects. In recent years, they have built bases for cultural and leisure activities and medical service throughout the country as well as thriving streets symbolic of socialism. These are the fruition born of their faith in self-sustenance and their spirit of self-development.

The Workers’ Party of Korea set self-sustenance and self-development as its foundation when clarifying the orientation and ways for comprehensive development of socialist construction. Accordingly, it defined that the general orientation of the five-year plan for the national economic development is to lay solid foundations for reenergizing the overall national economy and improving the people’s standard of living by concentrating efforts on the main links in the whole chain of economic development. This represents its will to strictly adhere to the principle of self-sustenance and self-dependence on the road of advance and development of the socialist cause.

Last year, Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm, a largest one in the world, Songhwa Street and Pothonggang Riverside Terraced Houses District were built successfully despite unfavourable subjective and objective conditions and environment, to be followed by the construction of another grand architectural group in the Hwasong area this year.

The Orangchon Power Station, a leading power-generation base in the northern part of the country, was completed, and modern local industry factories were built in Kimhwa County to provide a model to develop the local industry across the country. The first-stage renovation project of the Kumsong Tractor Factory and a large-scale sodium carbonate production line of the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex were inaugurated. New farm machines run on the vast fields in South Hwanghae Province, and single- and low-storey and terraced dwelling houses with regional characteristics have been built in the rural areas across the country, unfolding an unusual scene in which agricultural workers move into new houses.

Everything in the country changes yesterday and today and by morning and evening, and innovative entities awaited and welcomed by the people come into existence one after another. Such eye-opening reality is the outcome of faith, extraordinary creativity and fervent patriotic enthusiasm of the Korean people to bring earlier the rosy future of socialism by dint of self-sustenance and self-reliance. It also testifies to the development and potentiality of the country striving for the implementation of its grandiose goals.

The foundations of the self-supporting economy and competent scientific and technological forces which have been consolidated for decades, and the creative strength of the people who are imbued with the spirit of self-reliance and are burning with patriotic enthusiasm constitute the strategic assets of the DPRK.

Thanks to the solid foundations of the independent national economy and the heroic fighting spirit of the Korean people to overcome difficulties, their dream aspiring to more beautiful and better things will come true and their ambition and ideals to build a powerful socialist country by dint of self-sustenance and self-dependence will surely be translated into reality.

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