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The Korean War Denounces

Many wars are recorded in the history of the world, but none had been so bloody and destructive as the Korean war in the 1950s.

Having occupied south Korea by force of arms, the United States stepped up preparations for a war against north Korea, which was following the road of independence, and at the dawn of June 25, 1950 started the aggressive war to make the whole of Korea its colony.

It hurled into the Korean front its huge forces as well as troops of 15 of its satellite countries, committing during the three-year war barbarities unprecedented in the human history of war.

It dropped an average of 18 bombs per square kilometre on the northern half of Korea, including about 428 000 on Pyongyang, a city 52km2 wide and with a population of 370 000, which meant more than one bomb per head of its population.

The carpet bombing destroyed all the urban and rural areas, factories, railways, schools, hospitals and cultural establishments in the northern half of Korea, and reduced it to ashes.

US troops killed 1 231 500 innocent people in the region, including women, children and the elderly, by resorting to the most cruel and brutal methods that surpassed by far those employed by Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

And in gross violation of international law, they committed such a crime against humanity as using weapons of mass destruction like germ and chemical weapons, and threatened that they would use atomic bombs, giving birth to many separated families.

When June 25, the day of the start of the war, comes round every year, the Korean people denounce the brutal atrocities the US committed during the war and its schemes to ignite another war in their country, vowing to take revenge on the enemy thousands of times.

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