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“DPRK, strategic state” published

Book “DPRK, strategic state” introducing north Korea which is put on the position of a strategic state has recently been  published in south Korea and  it causes a great sensation.

The book was written by Kim Gwang-su, a doctor of political science and chief director of “Hana”, the educational center for peaceful unification.

The author had written several books on north Korea including “Songun politics of north Korea, ideological power” and “State of leader.”

The book consists of three chapters and introduces the reality of north Korea to the minute details.

The first chapter entitled “general summary, what sort of country is the DPRK” describes that north Korea is a large socialist family which has achieved the integral whole of the leader, party and people holding fast to the three ideas of “The people are god”, single-hearted unity and self-reliance on the basis of the Juche idea created in the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

The second chapter entitled “inconvenient truth, the facts concealed even until now” unveils with concrete materials that fabrication, aversion, and enmity toward the north Korean system remain latent in the call of north Korea, the Korean War, and the sophism of “collapse of north Korea”.

The third chapter entitled “understanding of the DPRK, strategic state” asserts that north Korea’s possession of nukes is not only a politico-ideological weapon to prove the greatness of the leader and a political means to cope with potential threat of the US, but also a strong war deterrent and a driving force of economic construction, and north Korea taking the lead in confrontation between itself and the US will surely emerge victorious.

Public attention is centered on the book with rich materials for a proper understanding of north Korea.

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