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Motherly Party

The Workers’ Party of Korea is praised as motherly Party by the people in the DPRK.

The motherly Party!

The WPK is the only party in the world that has won such a title.

The motherly Party-this call reflects the boundless veneration and absolute trust of the Korean people in the WPK and is the honorary title peculiar to it.

The WPK has made a long journey of devoted service for the people’s wellbeing from the outset of its founding to this day.

Thanks to the loving care of the WPK that serves all the people with sincerity, taking full responsibility for their destiny and future, the Korean people could pull through hardships and ordeals with smile and enjoy happiness and honor.

The past decade that went by under the leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is a clear proof.

Lots of dwelling houses and structures have mushroomed and all sorts of popular policies have been executed in the Juche Korea.

The appearance of farm villages underwent a total facelift and the Korean people lead a life with nothing to envy in the world in new homes of happiness.

That is why the Korean people sincerely call the WPK the motherly party.

The Party takes care of the people with maternal affection and the latter absolutely trust and follow the former.

Herein lies the might of the WPK and the source of invincibility of the Korean people.

The WPK is winning a series of victories and glories with the call of a motherly Party presented by the people.

Led by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the WPK will remain etched in the mind of the people as a benevolent mother.

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