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10 years of prominent leadership

     The Korean people celebrate in great excitement the 10th anniversary when the respected President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un was upheld at the top post of the Party and state of the DPRK.

The assumption of Kim Jong Un, who enjoys the high esteem of the public for his great personality, is the expression of the DPRK people’s absolute support of and trust in him. It is auspicious event to be specially recorded in history as it is the reflection of unanimous admiration and ardent desire of the Korean nation at home and abroad.

With his election, the lifeline of the Juche revolutionary cause pioneered on Mt Paektu is steadily maintained, and the rosy future of the DPRK and the happiness and prosperity of all generations to come are in state, and historic advance for realizing the cause of national reunification greets a fresh victory.

The past 10 years of his leadership was the most glorious and sacred years during which his great personality is engraved in gold letter and the immortal feats achieved by him shine as a brilliant monument. It was the most glorious and sacred annuals in which invincibility and bright future of Kim Jong Un era were etched as the truth of history.

For the past 10 years, he opened up a new chapter of the leader’s immortality with his noble loyalty and moral obligation to the preceding leaders, and developed and enriched the President and Chairman’s revolutionary ideas, the acme of human thought, and proclaimed it as Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

He has strengthened the Workers’ Party of Korea into the highest prestigious Party of the leader as well as the genuine motherly Party with his far-sighted acumen and seasoned leadership, and turned the DPRK into a power with overall national strength and dignity, the country with our state-first principle and homeland of the Korean nation.

Thanks to his noble ambition to build a powerful nation and the grand blueprint unrolled by the President of State Affairs, a fresh history of gold mountains, gold fields and gold sea, and the new flowering period of building a sci-tech power, an education power and a talented nation were opened up in the period of 10 years.

Moreover, even under the manifold hardships and ordeals incurred by despicable and pernicious sanctions of the hostile forces without letup to stifle the DPRK unprecedented in history, miraculous victories could be achieved one after another in the great struggle toward comprehensively developed socialism.

Today the DPRK has magnificently towered as an invincible military power well known to the world with birth of the cutting-edge arms in succession. It is attributable to the seasoned and skillful art of command and devoted efforts of Kim Jong Un.

Led by the respected President of State Affairs, people-loving politician, mysterious legends are being created in the DPRK. The cradle of happiness and monumental creation symbolic of the civilization of era for the people are built in the flood-hit area, and all the people are healthy free from disease without any one of them having fallen victim to the malignant virus when humankind has been under threat of worldwide COVID-19.

Kim Jong Un with steel-strong faith and high international prestige provided a sure guarantee for independent reunification and peace, and highly exalted strategic position and influence of the DPRK by staging energetic external activities with his skilled diplomatic resources.

Thanks to the wise guidance of the respected President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un, the peerlessly great man born of Heaven, the first 10 years of Juche 100s could be adorned with the most distinguished successes in the history of the nation and the world-startling victories have been recorded in the history.

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