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2019 World Peace Forum

2019 world Peace Forum on the Korean Peninsula took place at Columbia University in New York on September 29.

Participated there were over 100 people including Cardinal of the Catholic Church in New York, director of international cooperation of the World Ecclesiastical Council, experts in Korean affairs, activists for peace against war, lawmakers of ruling Democratic Party of south Korea and pro-reunification activists.    

There were discussions titled “significance of the June 12 Singapore joint statement”, “peace regime in the Korean Peninsula and proposal for realizing denuclearization”, “improvement of the DPRK-US relations and mutuality for ensuring stability in the northeast Asia”, “unreasonableness of the US and UN sanctions against the DPRK” and “peaceful co-existence in the multipolar world”.

Thanks to the completion of the DPRK nuclear force on Nov. 29 2017, the structure of world politics has been newly established. It is a historical event that the DPRK’s access to nuclear weapons has made a breach in the structure of world order centered on the US. It was a critical moment which transformed the unipolar world under the domination of the US into multipolar world. We express firm solidarity to the principled stand of the DPRK which made a positive contribution to global peace and peace and prosperity of the northeast Asia, they said.

A speech in the name of the university “Significance of the June 12 DPRK-US Joint Statement and prospects of the DPRK-US relations” was read out at the forum.

The US public and media circles paid deep attention to the forum at which they were convinced that the completion of the DPRK nuclear force has played a positive role in securing peace of the Korean Peninsula and the world.

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