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50th anti-US monthly meeting

 Some days ago, the Preparatory Committee for Promoting the Reunification for the national independence and great unity held the 50th anti-US monthly meeting to strongly condemn the Yoon Suk-yeol regime which is aggravating confrontation and danger of war outside war memorial house in Seoul.

Yoon Suk-yeol is bent on conducting war exercises with the US as soon as he was inaugurated as the south Korean President. The south Korean army is planned to be involved in the US-led large-scale naval drill “RIMPAC” and the marine corps and navy are expected to take part in landing drill with the multinational forces for the first time. The situation on the Korean Peninsula is turning sour owing to join of the south Korean air force in aerial drill “Pitch black” in August. Eleven nations including the US, Australia and Japan are involved in the drill, it denounced.

South Korea would be reduced into a scene of war for the US. The US has incited conflict to unleash a war by coaxing its allied nations. The Yoon regime, which has risked the nation’s interests for the sake of American master, would face miserable end, it noted.  

Yoon and his aides are arrant pro-US and Japanese traitors and the danger of war would be continued as long as Yoon remains in office. We must overthrow the Yoon regime which leaves the national dignity and peace to the tender mercy of the Uncle Sam.

50th anti-US monthly meeting poster in demand of dissolution of south Korea-US alliance and withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea

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