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80th spring, the greatest national holiday

 We are greeting the 80th February 16, the holiday of the greatest national jubilation.

A fantastic sea of fireworks fills the sky with great national pride and delight of having the great man and a hymn of praise resounds far and wide across the world at every return of the Day of the Shining Star.

80 years have passed since Chairman Kim Jong Il was born at the Paektusan Secret Camp as the son of anti-Japanese revolutionary guerrillas and the Korean people were blessed with another illustrious leader and a bright future was opened for the nation.

His birth also provided our compatriots with the highest special favor and utmost fortune of having great leaders through generations.

Only victory and glory were recorded in the brilliant chronicles of the DPRK demonstrating its dignity and might throughout the world.

The whole life of the Chairman who rendered immortal feats to the motherland, nation, times and history shines as the noble revolutionary life of a peerless patriot, great revolutionary and outstanding leader.

Chairman Kim Jong Il formulated and systematized the revolutionary idea of President Kim Il Sung as the guiding idea of the era of independence and indicated the way to be followed by the state and people.

Under the seasoned and sophisticated guidance of Chairman Kim Jong Il the Workers’ Party of Korea was strengthened and developed into the ever-victorious general staff of the nation, and brilliant miracle and massive transformation were made in every fields of politics, economy, military and culture.

The DPRK became renowned as an invincible politico-ideological power and an impregnable fortress dignified with independence and single-minded unity.

Chairman Kim Jong Il who devoted his all for the good of the people regarding the idea of  “The People Are God” as motto of his life, made long journey of field guidance without a break.

He dedicated his all to the people’s happiness regarding their sufferings as his own from the first days of his revolutionary leadership to the last moment of his life.

By strengthening the military power with his matchless courage and grit he firmly safeguarded the national sovereignty against the aggressive hostile forces.

Thanks to Chairman Kim Jong Il, the solid foundation for building a powerful nation was laid and destiny of the country was saved.

Chairman Kim Jong Il who regarded national reunification as the utmost patriotism and his lifelong mission established the milestone for national reunification and ushered in a new era of independent reunification advancing under the ideal of “By our nation itself” by formulating the Three Charters for National Reunification.

The noble revolutionary life and the immortal feats of Chairman Kim Jong Il who devoted his all for the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people like the bright sun that provides light and vitality to the Earth and built a brilliant monument in the times and history will shine with the auspicious Day of the Shining Star to posterity.

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