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A Critical Military Maneuver

Some days ago, the trigger-happy south Korean military staged a fortnight-long joint aerial drill with the US.

Of late, it conducted in secrecy aerial exercise of “F-35A”stealth fighters introduced from the US.

It is a challenge to the Korean nation desirous of a durable peace on the Korean Peninsula.

The Progressive Federation of University Students of south Korea called a news conference outside the US embassy in Seoul on May 9 to express their strong opposition to the joint aerial drill and demand the abolition of joint war game.

The fortnight-long aerial drill was the one that the codename of military exercise was changed from Max Thunder and the scale and duration have been reduced. It is a wanton violation of the September Pyongyang Declaration and June 12 DPRK-US joint statement, it noted.

Though it changed the codename of war drill and reduced the scale, however, the nature of war game remains unchanged. The joint military exercises are only fanning up the military confrontation and tension in the Korean Peninsula and the joint military rehearsals should be totally discontinued not reduction, it pointed out in its protest letter.

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