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A get-serious worry

 The press and analysts comment that the north’s successive super strong offensive against the US drives the present US administration into serious concern.

The White House and the Department of State are growing vocal that the rapid development of the north’s defense industry is a serious threat as well as a nightmare, it shows their fear of the north, the press asserts.

Moreover, outwardly the US administration touts “denunciation” and “strict response”, but under the surface it is very disturbed that it might face a new crisis owing to the fiercest DPRK-US showdown ever recorded in history, they criticize.

Meanwhile, the analysts raise their voices in denunciation of the ins and the outs of south Korea which are desperately clinging to south Korea-US alliance for political power, while they know full well the US is in deep shit.

If the presidential candidates in disregard of the north’s invariable demand play into the US hands, they are bound to fall in a plight far worse than the US, they predict.

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