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A part of preparation of war

Of late, the arms buildup for preparation of war against north Korea is becoming more undisguised in south Korea.

Some days ago, several kinds of war hardware including F-35A stealth and unmanned drone Global Hawk flew over an air-force academy of south Korea to incite the atmosphere of war.

The south Korean military authorities opened to the public the plan to earmark hundred billion US$ of budget for introducing and development of advanced weapons from 2020 to 2024.

Thirteen stealth “F-35A’were introduced in south Korea. They are planning to purchase thirteen this year and fourteen in addition next year.

The Global Hawk and F-35A stealth with operation sphere of 3000 km and which are able to watch the Korean Peninsula are extremely dangerous war monsters for mounting a preemptive attack on north Korea.

The south Korean military authorities are not covering up the truth that these lethal weapons have its mission to make preemptive strike at and reconnoiter points of military importance in north Korea.

The continuous introduction of war hardware from the US would cause military hostility and discord between the south and the north of Korea.

The south Korean people from all strata desirous of peace on the Korean Peninsula are waging a vigorous struggle against the reckless arms buildup of the south Korean military in league with the US.  
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