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A Prerequisite to Korea’s Reunification

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un, in his report at the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, put forward preserving peace and security on the Korean Peninsula as the WPK’s orientation and ways for paving a wide avenue to achieve the country’s reunification through implementation of the three charters for national reunification.    

Preserving peace and security on the Korean Peninsula is a prerequisite to national reunification

The north-south relations can never improve nor can the independent and peaceful reunification of the country be achieved, if the tension escalates and danger of a nuclear war increases on the peninsula.

Korea’s independent and peaceful reunification would be successfully realized only when military confrontation and war danger are removed and peace and security are fully ensured.

The US and the south Korean ruling forces, however, have seriously violated the peace and security on the peninsula with their reckless racket of provoking a war against the DPRK while going against its efforts to preserve peace.

In this year alone, the US conducted the largest-ever joint military rehearsals Key Resolve and Foal Eagle 16 in simulation of preemptive attack against north Korea from March to bring on a hair-trigger situation on the Korean Peninsula.

The US introduced the nuclear-powered submarine Mississippi and nuclear strategic bombers B-52Hs in south Korea to launch nuclear war games against north Korea.

The successive rulers of south Korea have persisted in war maneuvers against north Korea to hold military upper hand over north Korea and achieve “system unification” in league with outsiders.

The south Korean ruling quarters have malignantly slandered nuclear deterrence of north Korea, a treasured sword for preserving peace and defending the nation on the Korean Peninsula. They are hell-bent on a new war maneuver against north Korea under the pretext of coping with latter’s nukes in collusion with the US and its hostile elements.

Durable peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula cannot be guaranteed as long as the US and south Korean belligerent forces continue their war provocation against north Korea.  

The Korean nation should wage a vigorous drive against the US and south Korean authorities’ provocative war drills and military reinforcement against north Korea by turning out in a nationwide action to ensure peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and remove war danger.  
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