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A small wooden boat and fashionable restaurant ship

A small wooden boat and fashionable restaurant ship
It is a firm determination of our party to ensure that our people, who are the best in the world and who have remained faithful to the Party in the face of all manner of difficulties, do not have to tighten their belts again, but enjoy all the benefits of socialism.

This is a paragraph from the congratulatory speech Kim Jong Un delivered at the military parade held on April 15 to celebrate the 100th birthday of President Kim Il Sung.

Marshal Kim Jong Un inspected islet-defending units at the hottest spots in the southernmost tip of the southwest front in the early morning of August last year aboard a small wooden boat of 27 ㏋ when a touch-and-go situation was prevailing on the Korean Peninsula.

He visited the Jangjae Islet Defense Detachment, the Mu Islet Hero Defense Detachment and the Wolnae Islet Defense Detachment, aboard a small boat in September in the wake of his inspection in March of this year.

He initiated to build a sightseeing ship for the exclusive use as a restaurant and assigned the Korean People’s Army the task to build it. He visited the restaurant ship Taedonggang that was under construction at the end of March this year when the situation on the Korean Peninsula was on the verge of war due to the US and the south Korean warmongers’ vicious moves to strangle the DPRK.

Going round dinning rooms, he paid great attention to ventilation and air exhaustion and said the ship should be fitted out with finishing building materials and high-quality furniture.

It was the lifetime desire of Chairman Kim Jong Il to let people visit a modern restaurant ship on the Taedong River, pride of Pyongyang, he noted, adding the appearance of the ship cruising on the river to serve visitors would make Pyongyang more beautiful and spectacular.

After his visit, he gave detailed instructions for management, dishes to be served to the people, the variety of beverage and equipment and took measures to provide the restaurant with raw materials and other supplies for its normal operation.

Thanks to his warm love for the people, the sightseeing-cum-restaurant ship Taedonggang was built magnificently in a brief span of time.

The wooden boat that a few people are uncomfortable to stand and the state-of-the-art restaurant ship capable of accommodating 300 persons at one time.

The ship shows the fixed resolve and love for the people of Marshal Kim Jong Un who dedicates his all to the people, true to high intention of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.  

It is a creation of love for the people of Marshal Kim Jong Un who is translating the President’s and Chairman’s motto “The People are my God” into reality.
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