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A Theater of Crimes

All manner of social evils are rampant in south Korea where mammonism and the law of jungle prevail.

69 murder cases happened on an annual average in five years. 2 278 violence occurred in 2016 over 793 in 2012, thus 2.9 times rose in five years.     

Steeped in repugnancy and animosity toward his remarried mother, a murderer slain her family on Oct. 26 last year.

A criminal in his 50s stabbed a customer to death at a restaurant on Oct. 23 and a kinky kidnapped a girl in her 10s to his house and killed her after sexual assault on Oct. 13 last year.

Ever-increasing narcotic crimes are great headache to south Korea.

According to an available data, the number of drug addicts is rising 1 500 per year after 2014 and juvenile drug addicts are on the increase.

Girls in their teens, who should be respected as flower of the society, are being reduced into rascals with extreme misanthropy.

In September last year, four middle school girls kicked a girl (14) and ensanguined her by hitting for half an hour.

In July last year, six middle girls flailed a girl at the same age and uploaded face of victim and violence on a website. 
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