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A Veritable Hell

Parents have mistreated their children and their children vice versa in south Korea where all evils prevail.

According to the available data from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the number of maltreatment of children rose up 6 403 in 2012 to 18 753 in 2016, thus increased into treble.

In July, a spouse in their 20s residing in Daegu maltreated their three year-old child to death.    

They frequently struck their son with the palm of their hands, broom and dustpan and did not feed their son for he was disobedient to them.  

They bound their son’s neck with a rope attached to their pet’s collar for a month on the bed for he put his bed into disorder. Consequently, the rope bound to the bed smothered his son to death. 

The maltreatment of the aged people becomes a serious social concern in south Korea.

According to a data, the maltreatment of the old people is on the increase year by year; 9 340 in the year of 2012, 10 162 in the year of 2013, 10 569 in the year of 2014 and 11 905 in the year of 2015.   

Eighty-five percent of them are mistreated by their relatives or offspring.

The old people who should be respected by the society suffer unbearable contempt and insult and gasp away their life in loneliness after being tormented by extreme poverty.

The above-said facts palpably show that their miserable plight can never be mitigated as long as the unpopular policy of the south Korean ruling quarters is in force. 
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