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A vigorous anti-US campaign

May 22 marks the anti-US day in south Korea.

Marking the day, south Korean people waged the anti-US actions with indignation against the US which occupied south Korea by force, trampled down the sovereignty and inflicted miseries and pains upon the south Koreans.

In denunciation of the US troops and the south Korean authorities for introducing THAAD to the US military base in Seongju, south Korea

“Stop war maneuvers”, “Denounce the US for polluting the Yongsan base”


Demanding withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea outside the US embassy


Denouncing the US which manipulated the Gwangju massacre around the US consulate in Busan

A news conference was held to condemn the chief culprit of the Gwangju massacre outside the US embassy

A press conference to denounce the US pressure upon south Korea’s share of defense cost for the US force, the south Korea-US joint war games and introduction of strategic weaponry

A news conference to criticize the US for aggravating the Korean Peninsula 


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