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Abolish draconian “NSL”

 The “National Security Law” of south Korea is the anti-national, anti-democratic and anti-reunification law to suppress south Koreans’ righteous struggle for the national reunification, peace, democracy and the people’s rights.

The successive dictatorial regimes had put down the massive movement of reunification figures and the people against treacherous rule with the enforcement of the NSL.

The existence of evil law in south Korea in the 21st century clearly proves the backwardness and miserable situation of south Korea.

It is quite natural that the south Korean people of different strata have made strenuous struggle against the NSL.


In demand of abolition of treacherous NSL


Campaigners strongly demand abolition of the evil law


Advertisement column written with future action plan for the abrogation of NSL



Overseas Koreans turn out in the struggle in demand of abolition of NSL
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