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Abolition of NSL

South Korean people are carrying on their drive to abolish an anti-democratic and anti-national “National Security Law” impeding social democracy and national reunification.

Workers in Busan held a press conference outside the Busan city office on May 9 to announce a declaration signed by the workers in demand of the abolition of “the National Security Law”.

They carried placards written “Abolish the NSL!” and “Democracy without liberty of politics and ideology is phony”.

They in the declaration branded the NSL as an anti-reunification law blocking the independent reunification through confrontation with fellow countrymen and an anti-democratic and anti-human rights law violating the basic rights of the people.

As long as the anti-democratic and anti-reunification “National Security Law” unheard-of in the world is enforced, it is hard to expect any political change and building of a democratic society, they contended.

The NSL is the root of evil legacies and the NSL is the source of producing all evil legacies, they criticized and said that the abrogation of the NSL is a primary task to remove evil legacies and a prerequisite for development of democracy, betterment of human rights and national reunification.    

They declared that they would vigorously struggle for getting the NSL abrogated to ensure peace of the Korean Peninsula and democratic human rights.

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