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Action against introduction of THAAD

South Korean people of various strata have launched their action to denounce the introduction of THAAD of the US in Seongju and the Defense Ministry supporting it.

On May 29, the Defense Ministry sanctioned the deployment of THAAD launching site and the establishment of project equipment at a base of Seongju in North Gyeongsang Province in addition under the guardianship of heavily armed police.

In connection with this, the south Korean people from all strata including the Seongju citizens denounced the Defense Ministry backing the US, while taking no account of demand of the south Korean people.

The Seongju citizens shouted the slogans against the deployment of THAAD at the entrance of the base. Five people injured by the police were sent to the hospital

The chairman of the Seongju committee for blocking deployment of THAAD said that the citizens are enraged by the surprise introduction of THAAD and stressed that they will carry on the struggle in demand of withdrawal of THAAD.

Meantime, the Progressive Federation of South Gyeongsang Province issued a statement to express their intention to withdraw THAAD and drive out the US troops from south Korea which bring no good but only harm.

The US and south Korean authorities must stop introducing strategic weaponry wrecking peace and security of the Korean Peninsula and northeast Asia and withdraw the deployed strategic assets from south Korea.
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