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Action for Reinstatement

A nationwide campaign for release of member Lee Seok-gi of the Unified Progressive Party and reinstatement of the UPP is brisk throughout south Korea.

Lee’s arrest is a foolish farce that the Park Geun-hye regime incited the former president Yang Soong-tae of the Supreme Court and henchmen of judicial circles to fabricate the case when the nationwide anti-government protests were held by scandal of fraudulent presidential election in December 2014.    

The Supreme Court sentenced Lee (He is in prison) to nine years in prison on charge of violation of the National Security Law and eventually the UPP was dissolved.

On Dec. 19, the measure committee for probing truth behind forced dissolution and reinstatement of the UPP urged the government to make a stern investigation into the dissolution of the UPP and release of Lee.  

The measure committee called a news conference outside the Supreme Court at which it claimed that the dissolution of the UPP and arrest of Lee are the worst crisis as well as political scheme of the south Korean politics that violated the constitution in the name of the constitution.  

The measure committee said that a special court bench is needed and enactment of special law is urgent for extending a helping hand to the victims and added that it would launch nullity reexamination of dissolution of the UPP, if custody of Yang Soong-tae, former president of the Supreme Court, release of Lee Seok-gi and reinstatement of the UPP are realized. 

On Dec. 8, 20, 000 people of fifty-six organizations including the Solidarity for Progress, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the National Employees’ Union held a rally at the Gwanghwamun Plaza in Seoul and declared that it would launch a protest rally outside the Cheongwadae if the south Korean authorities would not permit the release of Lee, chanting slogans in demand of release of Lee and arrest of Yang. 

The judicial officials asserted that the Constitutional Court’s decision for dissolution of the UPP should be withdrawn as it branded the UPP an underground revolutionary organization.

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