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Action worsening inter-Korean ties

The U.S. is fomenting inter-Korean confrontation at a time when the world expresses positive support to north Korea’s proposal and sincere efforts to repair north-south relationship.    

Of late, the U.S. announced its dispatch of nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan in Japan and Carl Vinson in U.S. mainland to the Korean Peninsula. It plans to dispatch Stennis to the west Pacific Ocean.

The U.S. reinforced fighters of different missions and troops in the U.S. mainland to the US air bases in south Korea and Japan. It is dispatching three helicopters carriers transporting a division-class U.S. Marine Corps in contingency to the vicinity of the Korean Peninsula.

The U.S. relocated EC-130H in Yokotami air base in Japan to Osan air base in south Korea on Jan. 15 and plans to deploy the U.S. special operation unit in south Korea during the Winter Olympics.  

The above-said facts are the tip of iceberg of dishonest motive of the U.S. which exacerbates the situation on the Korean Peninsula and impair inter-Korean ties to escalate confrontation between the north and the south of Korea.  

The wicked intention of the U.S. is to chill the hard-won atmosphere for dialogue between the north and the south, put bar on the way to Korea’s reunification and realize domination over the Korean Peninsula and Asia-Pacific region by fomenting confrontation and aggravating tension in the Korean Peninsula.

The U.S. should not swim against the tendency desirous of détente on the Korean Peninsula and behave with prudence, aware of the will of the Korean people to mend inter-Korean relationship.
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