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Actions for national independence

 Marking the 19th anniversary of the adoption of the June 15 Joint Declaration, civic organizations held a rally against the US outside the US embassy in Seoul on June 15 to make their minds to foil vicious moves of the US and anti-reunification element blocking the process of peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

Prior to this, the South Gyeongsang Provincial Headquarters of the South Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration held a meeting in Changwon on June 13. It strongly urged the US to implement the DPRK-US joint statement for establishment of peace regime in the Korean Peninsula and lift sanctions against north Korea. 

It called for the people to turn out in the action to liquidate the anti-reunification force trying to reverse the wheel of history.

After the end of the meeting, they marched along the street, chanting slogan against the US.  

The South Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration held a rally in Seoul on June 15 on the occasion of the 19thanniversary of the publication of the June 15 Joint Declaration to strongly demand the implementation of historic inter-Korean declarations.

It is important to have a steadfast viewpoint and stand to settle the national reunification issue by the Korean nation itself, its master, they said. The south Korean authorities should discontinue touting for cooperation in resolving the internal issues of the nation, they pointed out.

They hardened their determination to launch a nationwide campaign to implement historic inter-Korean declarations, which crystallize the general will of the Korean nation. 
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