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AINDF issues an appeal

The Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front made public an appeal in condemnation of pro-Japanese treacherous act of the Yoon Suk-yeol regime and calling for a nationwide campaign against Japan and Yoon on March 24.

 The appeal titled “An appeal to fellow countrymen” said that another treacherous crime is recorded in shameful history of south Korean politics stained with pro-US and Japanese proclivities, it continued.

Yoon’s recent junket to Japan achieved under the manipulation of the US was a sycophantic junket which sold off the national pride without reserve. It was recorded as an irrecoverable sin to be etched in the history of the Korean nation who had experienced the grief of statelessness.

Yoon declared a list of tribute to Japan and told he would not claim indemnity for the past crimes committed by Japan, not content with its connivance at Japan’s past crimes at an interview with a Japanese media before starting his visit to Japan. It is an intolerable insult and challenge to the nation.

He failed to extract a word of apology from impudent, cunning Japanese Prime Minister Kishida and prayed him for improvement of bilateral ties, risking the nation’s interests for the sake of Japan. At a lecture, he parroted the remarks of those, who looked down upon the Korean nation and advocated the colonial domination in the Meiji age, the gist of which is “Korea is a territory of Japan”.

He did not hesitate to throw its tongue against north Korea and connived at Japan’s goal to be a military power. He declared normalization of the general security of military intelligence agreement (GSOMIA) with Japan and revealed his black-hearted intention to stand in confrontation with north Korea with the backing of the US and Japan.

The whole process of his junket to Japan was a series of pro-Japanese proclivity and submission as “the five traitors of 1905” fabricated the “Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty” and Park Chung-hee signed the “south Korea-Japan Agreement”. It is the height of treachery.

The south Korean people bitterly denounce his visit to Tokyo as a humiliating visit giving up apology and compensation for Japan’s past crimes, offering the national interests for the sake of Japan and pushing the situation of the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity to the extreme phase.

Nationwide rallies in condemnation of his visit to Japan and signature campaign are being held in south Korea. The declaration on the current situation made by broad segments of south Koreans are being released one after another.

It is an expression of public anger at the Yoon regime and manifestation of the south Korean people’s will to punish Yoon without fail.

In retrospect, he said that the people should not be divided into the pro-Japanese group and anti-Japanese one before he took power, south Korea-Japanese relationship should not be kept in the past. He, who promised to mend the relations with Japan regardless of the past crimes, recorded his one-year long rule as the treacherous history of pro-Japanese proclivity.

He turned down the compensation for the Japan’s past crimes judged by the Supreme Court to rub salt into the wounds of the victims, promoted Japan as “cooperation partnership” and revealed its intention to push forward military cooperation between south Korea, the US and Japan under the excuse of “north Korea’s nuclear threat”.

The Korean nation’s grudge against Japan and forty-odd years long unethical crimes left unhealed wounds, however, Japan has denied apology and reparation for its past wrongdoings.

Japan is bent on glossing over the past crimes and engrossed in the distortion of history and re-aggression. It carries worship at the Yasukuni shrine to offer a tribute to it and set “Takeshima Day” to seize Dok islet.

It revised document of security and strategy and augmented its defense expenses. It laid bare its intention to be transformed into a state capable of carrying out a war through “revision of constitution” and realize new “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.” It has put spur to establish missile defense system against north Korea together with south Korea and the US, introduce the latest weaponry, development of new type hardware and conduct military exercises with different missions.

The current situation proves Japan’s ambition to be a military power and for re-aggression of the Korean Peninsula reach an extreme pitch of danger.

Yoon has fanned up Japan’s bid for re-aggression and is engaged in pro-Japanese proclivity. The south Korean people express their indignation at his behavior.

The south Koreans would not tolerate treacherous act of the pro-Japanese elements and Japan’s imprudence.

The anti-Japanese and Yoon struggle is the great cause of the people and request of the current situation, the appeal said. It called for the people to turn out in the campaign against Japan and Yoon.

The Yoon regime is just the “the five traitors of 1905” in the 21st century and Yoon is another offshoot of Lee Wan-yong and Park Chung-hee.

The second “Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty” and reappearance of statelessness will be unavoidable as long as the Yoon regime remains in power.

The withdrawal of Yoon and action against the Yoon regime are the only solution.

Let us send Yoon to the graveyard of “the five traitors of 1905” at the earliest possible date by touching off the nationwide resistance!

Let us crush rash act of the Yoon gentry which begs for military cooperation between south Korea, the US and Japan and provides a springboard for aggression through an intense struggle for peace against war!

The south Koreans’ campaign to chill Japan’s attempt for re-aggression and humble its arrogance is a righteous resistance to satisfy the century-old grudge of the Korean nation.

The south Korean people should make south Korea full of anti-Japanese sentiments by developing the spirit of the Independence Movement in 1919 into animosity toward Japan.

Let us shed light to hair-raising atrocities committed by Japan and its crime-woven history! Make Japan to pay a dear price for the century-old past crimes.

Let us frustrate Japan’s ambition for re-aggression to reduce south Korea into a colony through the process of becoming a military giant with the united efforts of the nation!

The US is a backstage manipulator of south Korea-Japan tie-up.

Let us smash the US bid to invade the Korean Peninsula by military cooperation with south Korean and Japanese war servitors and dominate the Asia-Pacific region!

Let us foil vicious move to form the three-way military alliance between south Korea, the US and Japan!

The appeal called for the south Korean people to wage stubborn action to step down Yoon at all costs and put an end to the history of pro-US and Japanese submission.

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