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AINDF issues statement of indignation

On May 10, the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front released a statement of indignation under the title “We vehemently denounce the biggest crimes of Yoon Suk-yeol during his one year-long term” as regards the lapse of one year since he took power.

Yoon’s one year-long term has reduced south Korea into a theater of prosecutory and fascist rowdyism and a living hell, inter-Korean relations are bogged down in catastrophe owing to nuclear war maneuvers in conspiracy with outside forces and the south Korean authorities’ moves of confrontation with north Korea and the national dignity has been seriously violated by the pro-US and Japanese proclivities, the indignation statement said. It branded his one year-long term as the heinous crime running counter to the times and public feelings and engaging itself in all sorts of evils.

The statement of indignation subtitled “one year of anxiety and fear which drove the danger of nuclear war with heinous inter-Korean confrontation and provocation” said: Yoon spent one year during which he, swimming against tendency of the times and public feelings, pushed the situation of the Korean Peninsula to the brink of nuclear war and froze national division by conducting joint military exercises with different missions with foreign forces and persisting in inter-Korean confrontation.

Soon after he took office, Yoon initiated the “bold initiative”, a replica of “no nukes, opening and 3 000 dollars” devised by Lee Myung-bak to clamor for prior denuclearization of north Korea. It is a revelation of the dream of “unification through absorption” based on war provocation against north Korea.

He, clamoring for improvement of north Korean human rights, as his basic duty, appointed international cooperation ambassador for north Korean human rights and ensured stipulations of “north Korean human rights act” fabricated in 2016 were revised for the worse. He has persisted in the abolition of “anti-leaflet law” and offered equipment for scattering the leaflets to the north Korean defectors. It is sleight of hand to push the bedeviled inter-Korean relations to a more uncontrollable catastrophe.

In a joint statement to commemorate the 70th anniversary of south Korea-US alliance issued during his junket to Washington, he reeled off a string of groundless sophism that north Korea has violated its people’s right and put its money into development of weapons of mass destruction, laying bare his inherent sense of disapproval towards north Korea.

He saw to it that the phrase “the north Korean administration and the Korean People’s Army are the principal enemy” was stipulated in the white paper of Ministry of National Defense and guideline for the army to inoculate the officers and soldiers with idea of the principal enemy.

Yoon, who declared “a preemptive nuclear attack upon north Korea” when he was on a stumping tour, reaffirmed reactivation of extended deterrence strategy and consultation group, extension of scale of joint military exercises and deployment of the US nuclear strategic assets in a joint statement made public with US President Biden.

Whenever an opportunity presented itself, he stressed “peace through strength” and “security through strength”, while paying lip-service to early completion of north Korea targeted “south Korea’s three-axis defense system”. He has made frantic efforts to carry out the reorganization of the strategic command for establishment of combined command system and the future combined special operation command. He started the first year of his office with provocative war maneuvers while trumpeting about the tripartite military cooperation between south Korea, the US and Japan.

What should not be overlooked is that he paid a visit to Washington to keep south Korea as a nuclear pledge and reduce the Korean Peninsula into a permanent exhibition hall of the US strategic nuclear weapons.

“Rapid development of north Korea’s nuke and missile threat” and “north Korea’s unprecedented frequency of provocation” are statements touted by Yoon during his junket to the US. His earnest request was the US extended deterrence.

Now the US three nuclear strategic assets would be deployed and the Korean Peninsula is on the eve of nuclear war by a military layman Yoon.

The biggest crimes committed by Yoon, who threw inter-Korean ties into nadir and put the Korean Peninsula on the chopping board of nuclear war with his policy of inter-Korean confrontation and war maneuvers against north Korea, are bound to come under accusation and rebuff of the Korean nation.

The indignation statement under the subtitle “A disgraceful year during which national dignity and interests are sacrificed for the sake of foreign forces by flunkeyism and treachery” bitterly reprimanded Yoon who traded away the nation’s dignity and interests to the outside forces.

Before the presidential inauguration, Yoon dispatched a delegation for consultation of south Korea-US policy to the US for reconstruction of the south Korea-US alliance to be a tool of the US. He met a US delegation that had participated in the presidential inauguration ceremony to curry favor with the US, praising the south Korea-US alliance as a linchpin.

After eleven days of inauguration, he invited US President Biden to Seoul and vowed to be filial to him. He saw to it that direct dialogue channel was newly set up between the presidential office and the White House and all problems arising in all fields including politics, security and economy were settled under the approval of Washington.

The south Korean presidential office in Yongsan had been wiretapped by the US intelligence agency, however, it failed to utter even a word of protest against the US. It made a string of poor excuses that the eavesdropping was harmless to the south Korea-US alliance. Yoon was jeered by worldwide condemnation.

During his visit to Washington, Yoon expressed his thanks to his master, speaking highly of the south Korea-US alliance as the most successful one in 70 year-old history, he visited Arlington cemetery that enshrines the soldiers killed in the Korean War, awarded commemorative medals and decorations to those who took part in the Korean War and sang an American song before his master.

Yoon dispatched a delegation for consultation with Japan composed of pro-Japanese elements who had studied in Japan to beg for bilateral ties.

He hushed up the hideous crimes committed by Japan in the past and extolled Jap as “cooperative partner” in his speech at the March First Popular Uprising meeting. He paid a visit to Tokyo to withdraw a lawsuit of the World Trade Organization as regard to Japan’s restrictions of export.

Buoyed by his master’s encouragement, he showed his will to exert himself to promote security cooperation between south Korea, the US and Japan during his stay in Washington.

Some days ago, he humbled himself before the Japanese Prime Minister who was on a visit to Seoul to paint a black picture of the national dignity.

Yoon’s crime is a never-to-be-condoned one.

The indignation statement under the subtitle “A year of tyranny during which democracy and civil rights are seriously trampled down by prosecutory despotism” sharply criticized Yoon who reduced south Korea into a wasteland of democracy and civil rights with fascist tyranny and misrule.

He resuscitated the era of dictatorship under prosecution eclipsing the preceding military fascist despotism after he came to power.

Despite the public criticism, he made the prosecution service as a watchman for the regime, put the police under his control and put forward the National Intelligence Service as a shock brigade for maintaining dictatorial clique. Scandals related with his wife Kim Keun-hee and relatives were found innocent and his confidants and culprits involved in the illegal interference in “state affairs” were released.

The Yoon group let the police search the building of opposition party and threw those who had raised an objection to him and who served in the ex-regime behind bars.

From the beginning of his inauguration, Yoon formulated pro-conglomerate against laborers and has ruthlessly trampled down the workers’ campaign for defending the right to live, branding the unionists including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions as the “pro-north Korean elements”.

Branding the progressive activists as the “Juche idea group”, the Yoon group let the police search all their offices and residences across south Korea and arrested them on charges of violation of the “National Security Law”.

This is the true identity of “impartiality”, “common sense” and “freedom” much touted by Yoon.

The south Koreans will surely settle their accounts with Yoon who reduced south Korea into a dark society and the worst tundra of human rights.

His one year-long term has been riddled with crisis of war, security, democracy, economy and people’s livelihood by his ignorance and incompetence.

It is shame on the south Koreans that they recorded an unheard-of disgraceful history as they had cast ballots to Yoon.

We will not allow Yoon to go scot-free and his four year-long tenure of office is intolerable.

Retirement of Yoon from his office is the way to preserve peace, restore the national dignity, realize democracy and the peoples’ rights and revive the economy.

The south Korean people should give a stern punishment to Yoon, a pro-US and Japanese sycophantic traitor, inter-Korean confrontation fanatic, strangler of democracy and civil rights and disturber of public welfare by waging an obstinate struggle against his regime.

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