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An ardent wish

Longing of the south Korean people for north Korea, an earthly paradise for the people, grows stronger with the passage of time.


“Everything has been raised except salary. I don’t see a way out. But Yoon is forcing murderous toil upon laborers.

I have no wish to live here anymore. If only I could live in a country like north Korea where laborers are cherished for once.”

A constructor


“Yoon Suk-yeol eats rice produced by peasants, yet he regards them as enemies.

It is an anti-popular society indeed. I just want to leave for north Korea where people are treated as gods.”

A peasant


“Equality and common sense doesn’t make sense here.

Oppression upon justice and press gag are everyday norm. Nevertheless, Yoon Suk-yeol is raving about ‘freedom’ and ‘human rights’.

I hope for a worthwhile life in a society like north Korea as soon as possible.”

A member of a civil organization


“Sly Japan began to discharge the nuclear-polluted water into the sea.

However, Yoon winks at it in favor of Yankees and Japs.

Yoon is truly a pro-American and pro-Japanese sycophant.

But north Korea is bitterly denouncing Japan’s deed. I cannot help but admire north Korea for their pluck and dignity.”

A fish seller


“Yoon posing himself as a faithful stooge of the US and Japan causes only social unrest. Let us oust Yoon from power and take more vigorous actions to make a new world like north Korea!”

A colleger

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