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An axe to grind

 Recently, the Pentagon clarified that a planned test-fire of the Minuteman 3 was postponed because it is liable to lead to misunderstanding in the current complicated situation.

This seems to be judged as “measure in advance for détente” by some media.

They say without reading the inside of the US.

Test-fire postponement of the US is neither a measure for détente nor its self-restraint.

What kind of country is the US?

It is known to everybody that the US is the root of all evils on earth.

The US is not only the ringleader escalating tension and danger of war, but also the principal offender playing the tyrant in the international arena and interfering in other countries’ affairs to realize its ambition of world supremacy.

It is deceiving the world as if it were an apostle of peace.

This postponement is merely a crafty measure of the US administration to get out of its criminal responsibility for the recent situation.

Without distinguishing the sinister intension of the US, repeating its words is nothing but an act of parrot and puppet.

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