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An empty dream

I failed to have a house of my own last year. I promised to get a house to my children but I failed to honor my promise.

I and my daughter’s wish is not a palatial mansion. My wish is to get a single room, to my regret, south Korea does not offer me a small room.

I went through all sorts of troubles to get a house.

I worked by the day to make money without having meals often.

I failed to dress my daughter in new clothes and feed her with enough food.

I raised money deterring all sorts of allurement but my savings are not enough to buy a house.

Moreover, the south Korean authorities are going to lift the prices of house. The plights of the homeless are wretched.   

North Korean people get their houses without paying even a penny. The state provides the workers with new dwelling houses free of charge.  

Night view of Songhwa Street was marvelous on the Internet.

Lights shedding from windows of flats were attractive. There is no vacant house in the newly-built street.

There are many homeless people and the gutter in south Korea.

Unless south Korea is changed, my living in a rented house will go on to the end.  

My only hope is to live in north Korea.

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