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An iron-willed, brilliant commander

     July 27 is the historic day when the Korean people defeated US imperialism in the three-year long war of 1950s of last century.

The great victory in the Fatherland Liberation War was the miracle of history and world-historic event made by the outstanding brilliant commander.

President Kim Il Sung, who gained victory with his superb military idea and adroit strategy and tactics, and ardent affection for his people and soldiers, was the symbol of great victory.  

Singular and skillful strategy and tactics set forth by the President in the whole course of the war served as a treasured sword for victory of the war.

His love for the people and soldiers was the great strength incomparable with any war equipment and the source of ideology and spirit which encouraged the army and people to perform great feats of unparalleled bravery, boldness and heroism.

The shining victory in the Fatherland Liberation War was the one of the President and the one of the DPRK and its people united firmly around the President.

The history of war victory had been given steady continuity thanks to judicious leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il for decades. The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un made sure that history of war victory is given a steady continuity generation after generation.   

Kim Jong Un, who builds the DPRK which was liberated and defended by the President as a power of Juche, is another a brilliant commander born of Heaven.

Thanks to his indefatigable efforts to bolster up the military capability, the DPRK becomes powerful.

Led by him, the DPRK has made a series of thumping successes.  

The DPRK people have won victory after another in the face of vicious moves of the hostile force to stifle the DPRK with the conviction of and optimism about certain victory.

It is a conclusion made by the Fatherland Liberation War that no one can reduce the people guided by a prominent leader to submission and the truth proved by the decade-long DPRK-US showdown.  

The DPRK, which has been blessed with illustrious leaders generation after generation, will always emerge victorious.

The July 27 is eternal.

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