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Anachronistic delusion

Recently, the south Korean authorities has become the focus of criticism for their selfish view on the joint statement on the prevention of nuclear war and arms race adopted by the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

The analysts comment that the authorities’ calculation that the reopening of the DPRK-US talk about nuclear issue and denuclearization of the north will follow this joint statement is utterly ridiculous.

The authorities have been introducing the US nuclear strategic assets into south Korea and they are further going nuclear under the pretext of extended deterrence, it is by no means possible, it is an extreme of stupidity like carrying fuel to a fire, they censure.

The south Korean conservatives including the People’s Power Party spit out such reckless remarks as the NATO-style nuclear co-ownership, tactical nuclear deployment and nuclear self-development, they are no better than a bunch of nuclear war criminals and source of disaster anxious to invite nuclear catastrophe to this land, taking issue with the north’s rightful step to self-defense, the experts censure.

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