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Anachronistic policy toward north Korea

     The Yoon’s policy toward north Korea was on the verge of ruin because of the north Korea’s recent enactment of the law on the state policy of the nuclear forces.

Moreover, his “bold initiative” aimed at denuclearization of north Korea is about to go to smash unopened.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of National Unification is still attached to “bold initiative”.

Idiots of the Ministry of National Unification are pushing forward with “bold initiative”, begging of outside forces including the US for positive support and cooperation.

Such a shallow and fatuous act is very becoming to the Ministry of National Unification which is going to earn its living by dancing attendance on Yoon Suk-yeol.

“Bold initiative” which Yoon plagiarized “denuclearization, opening and 3000 US $”of Lee Myung-bak’s was worn-out from the outset.

North Korea already unmasked the absurdity and dishonest motive of Yoon’s “bold initiative” one by one and took its resolute stand to reject it.

North Korea legalized the state policy on the nuclear forces so that denuclearization of north Korea was not worth of discussing.

Now people from all social standings, not to mention mass media and experts at home and abroad are very vocal in their criticism of the Yoon’s policy toward north Korea to be amended and face up to the reality of north Korea squarely.

However, the Ministry of National Unification is hell-bent on showdown resorting to “bold initiative” which is a mere scrap of paper now. It is quite a farce.

Absurd yet miserable wriggle of “ministry of anti-national unification” deserves the public derision and denunciation.

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