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Anti-government action

Of recent, young unionists of the construction trade union belonging to the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions held an oath-taking meeting in protest at the Yoon regime’s oppression upon their union in the vicinity of the Seoul Station.

Many young unionists say that their lives have been changed after becoming a unionist, the ordinary building workers still experience intermediary exploitation, and they have been always disregarded, the participants lashed out at the present regime.

What the young construction workers want is to work at a safe construction site and get a secure employment, we are longing for a life worthy of human being, the Yoon regime should stop putting pressure upon the labor unions and root out evils at construction site complying with the workers’ reasonable and simple demand, Yoon Suk-yeol makes an attempt to brand the trade union as a criminal group, pursues pro-conglomerate policy, and degrades construction laborers to the status of a servant, they censured.

They braced themselves with the immutable resolve to stage a stubborn action against the Yoon regime shouting “we will never be restored to the past!”

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