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Anti-Japanese legendary hero, the invincible and brilliant commander

Anti-Japanese legendary hero, the invincible
and brilliant commander
Reverence for Generalissimo Kim Il Sung, who had pioneered the Juche-based revolutionary cause of Songun and defended the fate of the country and nation by dint of arms, is growing ever deeper among the south Korean people.

They highly speak of the great achievements of the President registered in history of the Korean nation, while eulogizing him as a national hero who gave birth to the origin of Songun and a person who started Songun and history of arms by giving precedence to the army. 

President Kim Il Sungput forward a line of armed struggle in the historic Kalun Meeting and organized the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerilla Army. He was the anti-Japanese legendary hero who put a million-strong Japanese army on the defensive by conducting superb military operations, the Solidarity for Implementing South-North Joint Declaration wrote on its website. 

A fellow at an institution attested in his thesis that an anti-Japanese national liberation movement developed into an armed struggle thanks to President Kim Il Sung who illumined the theory that the victory of national liberation can be attained through the armed people. 

The root of the south Koreans’ absolute worship for President Kim Il Sung is the anti-Japanese fighter General Kim Il Sung, an unparalleled commander, who organized and led the armed struggle against Japanese imperialism to victory, Mala south Korean magazine wrote.   

“We have a great reverence and affection for President Kim Il Sung. He delivered the Korean nation from the tragic fate of statelessness and built north Korea as a paradise for the popular masses free from rank, wealth and distrust” and “There was great general Kim Il Sung, an anti-Japanese fabulous hero and ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander that the Japanese invaders shuddered at hearing his name,” the youth and student bodies including the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance of Youth and Students for Korea’s Reunification wrote on their websites. 

Noting that the President built a self-defensive power in north Korea through the implementation of the fourth line of training the whole army into a cadre army, modernizing the whole army, arming all the people and fortifying the whole land, a member of a pro-reunification movement body expressed his reverence for the President who consistently adhered to the principle of attaching importance to arms and provided a sure military guarantee for the socialist cause of Juche. 

Washington has made desperate efforts to bring north Korea to its knees, on the contrary, Chairman Kim Jong Il, by dint of war deterrence, made the former sit at the negotiating table with a white flag. He defended the national sovereignty with the Songun politics. Chairman Kim Jong Il’s option for the Songun politics was uncommon that no one to match for on earth, a south Korean pro-reunification organization stressed. It asserted that it keenly realized farsightedness of his who laid an eternal foundation for national development in the victory of his Songun politics. 

The south Koreans are positive about the final victory of Kim Il Sung’s nation is sure to be achieved thanks to Marshal Kim Jong Unwho keeps the history of the Songun revolution, succeeding to the Songun cause started on Mt. Paektu at the point of bayonet.

The south Korean mass media commented Marshal Kim Jong Un’s first inspection of Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the Korean People’s Army on the New Year’s day of 2012 in the character of supreme commander with the titles “First inspection as supreme commander” and “First public appearance through the inspection of a tank division.” They described his inspection as an invariable pursuance of Songun politics. 

The people of various social circles spoke highly of supreme leader Kim Jong Un who said that the era is gone forever when the enemy would threaten the DPRK with atomic bombs, “Forward towards the final victory!” in his speech at the military parade in celebration of the centenary of birth of President Kim Il Sung.
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