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Anti-war struggle for peace

 The US and the south Korean military are hell bent on the joint military drill against the north.

Of late, the Progressive Federation of University Students of South Korea held a press conference in demand of discontinuance of the US-south Korea joint military game and ardently appealed to prevent war and keep peace before the building of the US embassy in Seoul.

Meanwhile, the National People’s Action had a peace meeting for independence demanding permanent discontinuance of the US-south Korea joint military drill in Seoul.

Preemptive strike cannot but produce an all-out war, the conservatives and Yun Seok-yol have been talking nonsense as “preemptive strike” because of their reliance on security and the interest of the US, censuring him reeling off “preemptive strike”, the participants disclosed.

They made a resolution to turn out in the struggle against the joint military game, saying that the military exercise is conducted for war purposes and even a single gunshot will cause an uncontrollable pandemonium.

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