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Anti-Yun Seok-yol trend growing in intensity

     Recently, broad spectrum of the south Korean people assert that Yun Seok-yol’s winning of the presidency will lead to intensification of conflict and economic crisis.

They express their concerns that owing to his extreme diplomatic and security policies including the preemptive strike on the north, additional deployment of THAAD, and tactical nuclear weapon deployment of the US, the inter-Korean military confrontation may be aggravated.

Various circles decide to wage the struggle for eradicating the conservative evils and realizing democracy against Yun’s government which may drive the inter-Korean ties and security, and the economy into catastrophe resorting to pro-US and Japan as the past conservative regime.

Days ago, a civic organization including 60 progressive organizations held the first “Tuesday Action for National Democracy” titled “No war,  keep peace”.

Demonstrated was their will to fight against Yun, war maniac and “prosecutor king”, and demand for discontinuance of the US-south Korea military game in this action.

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