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Appeal for success of the 5th meeting

 The preparatory committee of national reunification meeting for independence and great unity of the nation held the 3rd conference of 2022 at a hall in Seoul the other day. It declared its plan for calling the 5th conference for the promotion of national reunification and issued an appeal for its success.

Owing to the constant pursuit of the US hostile policy toward north Korea and its arms buildup in the Korean Peninsula, the situation of the Korean Peninsula is sinking rock bottom, it said.

It exposed that the US has used south Korea as bullet-shields for defense and supremacy of the US with control of politics, economy and military of south Korea under the cloak of the south Korea-US nexus since the advent of the Syngman Rhee clique to the Yoon Suk-yeol regime.

It went on to say:

The present situation requires all the democratic camp consistent with independence against the US and opposition to neo-liberalism to wage intense struggle against the US and imperialism together with the workers and people. Let’s accelerate dynamic struggle for independence against the US and peace against war!

At the end of the meeting, it issued an appeal titled “Let’s achieve independent reunification by the united effort of the Korean nation after putting an end to the US interference into domestic affairs and pro-US sycophancy of the anti-reunification forces under the uplifted banner of national independence!”  

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