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Appeal to fellow countrymen

The Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front released an appeal to the fellow countrymen titled “Let us avert north Korea-targeted war and secure peace through a nationwide campaign!” on March 13.

The appeal said that the warlike Yoon Suk-yeol group and the United States have been keen on war gambles against north Korea to push the Korean Peninsula into a maelstrom of nuclear war, it continued.

In recent alone, joint military exercises such as large-scale combined aerial drill, joint rehearsal to stand the intense cold, joint aerial and ground firing exercise and Teak Knife have been conducted under the pretext of “provocation” and “threat” of north Korea.

The US nuclear-powered submarine Spring Field and Aegis destroyer Rafael Peralta, the strategic assets of the US, have dropped their anchors at Busan Port and naval base in Jeju Island. The bombers and strategic bombers of the US air force flied into south Korea to stage an aerial strike operation.

The special and electronic reconnaissance planes of the US forces flew into the Korean Peninsula to make a close reconnaissance and ballistic missile pursuit ship of the US navy is hurled into the east sea of the Korean Peninsula.

The large-scale military game Freedom Shield is being conducted in five years.

The south Korea-US large-scale joint aerial military exercises Soaring EagleVigilant Storm and SSangmae and the US-led multinational combined aerial exercise Red Flag, and a special operation drill are scheduled before long.

The Yoon group is going to stage HwarangHoguk, Taeguk military games with the mobilization of thousands of troops.

Yoon is the chieftain of escalating inter-Korean confrontation and dreaming of provoking a war against north Korea, posing himself as a shock brigade for achieving the US strategy for the world supremacy.

The Yoon clique has stepped up the completion of operation plan of war against north Korea as it branded the north Korean government and the Korean People’s Army as the enemy and stipulated 3k of south Korean style and extended deterrence in the 2022 defense paper, the first publication after the inauguration of Yoon. It even reeled off a string of sophism of “the end of north Korean government”.

It staged military drill for operation of extended deterrence means with the US and prayed the US for permanent deployment of the US strategic assets in the Korean Peninsula and provision of the US extended deterrence means in contingency. It has revealed its sinister scheme to make attack on north Korea through south Korea, the US and Japan’s military cooperation and hurl the NATO forces into the Korean Peninsula.

The current situation proves that the root of ever-worsening situation of the Korean Peninsula is derived from south Korea where the American forces are present and Yoon, a war servant of the US, is going to detonate a war against north Korea.

The AINDF, branding the large-scale joint military games and reinforcement of arms of the US and Yoon regimes as a risky showdown pushing the situation of the Korean Peninsula to the brink of war and their vicious moves as bellicosity, sharply denounces them with nationwide indignation.

The appeal put forth slogans to resolutely smash war provocation of the south Korea and the US belligerent forces against north Korea which inflicts nuclear disaster upon the Korean nation through great unity of the nation.

A new world free from war would come only when the south Korean people accelerate the campaign against the US and Yoon, the appeal noted. The south Korean people should bear in their minds that they are the main force of preventing a nuclear war, the appeal called upon the people to make an all-out efforts to avert the second Korean war and secure peace through an unflinching campaign to achieve peace against the US and war.

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