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Apple of War

The south Korean military are fanning up the tension on the Korean Peninsula in tandem with military pressure of the US.

Some days ago, the south Korean military, being scared off by the tremendous nuclear force of north Korea, held a meeting with the US military in Cheju Island to cope with the military muscle of north Korea.   

The south Korean marine corps intends to take part in the US–led joint drills at abroad from next year. It is going to conduct KMEP from autumn of this year. 

The south Korean military opened an air and defense show in Seoul to exhibit the US-made war hardware with different missions.

They invited the commander of US forces in south Korea to test-firing of self-propelled gun “K-9” with live ammunition held at a firing range of the US 8th Army in Gyeonggi Province.  

 It is clear evidence that the south Korean military have made desperate effort to strangle the same brethren militarily with the backing of the US.

The south Korean military are widely introducing the latest offensive weapons to south Korea and conducting joint military exercise in a subterranean way to bedevil the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

It is an unpardonable challenge to the Korean nation desirous of peace and stability.

The international community commented that if the south Korean military resort to the reckless military maneuvers despite the warning by north Korea, the former would face unimaginable and catastrophic consequence. 

The south Korean people, being aware of peace would be achieved only through a struggle, would accelerate the actions to foil the military moves of the US and south Korean military.
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