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Ardent admiration

The international community is highly speaking of President Kim Il Sung who illuminated the way to the cause of socialism and human independence and devoted his life to the ardent love for the people.

A Congolese paper wrote:

President Kim Il Sung fathered Juche idea in his teens and led the prolonged and complicated Korean revolution to victory by dint of inexhaustible power of the people. Led by the President, the DPRK defeated the US imperialists who boasted of being “the strongest” in the world in the Korean War and an independent, self-supporting and self-defensive socialist state was built in the DRPK on the ruins of war.

President Kim Il Sung was as great as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln who represented the founding and destiny of the US, all combined, the ex-president of the US, Jimmy Carter praised.

President Kim Il Sung was the rare genius with a steadfast faith in the history of mankind. The people who met the President can know well his warm-hearted humanity and leadership. I do not feel the need to evangelize in the DPRK. Human love is the national policy in the DPRK. It is the national policy pursued by President Kim Il Sung, Rev. Billy Graham of the US spoke out his mind.

President Kim Il Sung was the peerless great man. He was possessed of personality and qualification as a great man. He, regarding the believing in the people as in heaven as his motto, found himself among the people and solved knotty problems by relying on the efforts of the people.

The lifetime of the Presidents was the one of the peerless great man who devoted his life to national prosperity and happiness of the people, the representative of the Japanese Women’s Association said.

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