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Ardent Reverence

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un makes New Year Address for 2017
Ardent Reverence
South Korean people are extolling supreme leader Kim Jong Un to the skies after they heard his new year address for 2017.

A professor of political science in Busan said as follows. “Hearing the new year address of supreme leader Kim Jong Un, my eyes were blurred with tears. To lead happy life under his warm care is a new year’s earnest desire of south Korean people.”

The south Korean mass media such as CBS gave prominence to his address simultaneously. They stressed that the people in the DPRK lead a worthwhile and happy life with bright prospect and firm confidence thanks to painstaking efforts of the supreme leader.

A member of modern history institute in south Korea noted that upholding supreme leader Kim Jong Un who loves the people ardently as the sun of the nation is an intention of the south Korean people and he went on as following.

“Now the Korean nation has good luck to uphold supreme leader Kim Jong Un, the peerless patriot who administers politics for the popular masses.

When the country is reunified under his leadership, the people-centered society will be established in south Korea. Led by him, the future of the nation is rosy and the national reunification will surely come true.”

Hearing the supreme leader’s new year address, the various circles of south Korean people harden their determinations to wage a vigorous struggle for carving out the independent destiny with national pride of having him in high esteem.

“He said in his new year address that the Korean nation should hold a pan-national, grand meeting for reunification. It is very moving and impressive. It seems that the June 15 reunification era would come again.”, “He said in his new year address joining hands with anyone who prioritizes the fundamental interests of the nation and is desirous of improving inter-Korean relations. His new year address is vibrant with patriotism.”

The ardent reverence for the supreme leader is a pure mind of south Korean people from all walks of life who uphold him as the sun and benevolent father of the nation.

The Korean nation, led by the supreme leader who enjoys unquestioned trust and respect from the nation, will surely achieve national reunification in the foreseeable future.

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