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Arrogant Approach

     Japan assumes haughty attitude.

The present Japanese ministerial members and the high-ranking members of the ruling party thronged to the Yasukuni Shrine to embellish a war of aggression in the past on August 15.

Meanwhile, Japan blustered that south Korea should obtain Japan’s approval before making marine survey in the waters of Dok Islet, clamoring Dok Islet, an inviolable territory of Korea, as its own.

Great irony is that Japan is inhospitable toward south Korea, styling itself the elder brother of south Korea.

The Yoon regime’s pro-Japanese sycophantic diplomacy causes Japan’s haughtiness.   

Yoon Suk-yeol bowed the knee to Japan, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation, prattling the improvement of south Korea-Japan relations.

He formed civil and governmental joint committee with the ornery intention to veil the extreme crime against humanity committed by Japan in the past and took an active part in improving south Korea-Japan ties including resumption of shuttle diplomacy of summit.

Japan regards the Yoon’s assumption as a God-given opportunity to revive militarism by shaping the south Korea-Japan ties into vertical one.

It is as plain as pikestaff that Japan will go on to hold its head high as long as Yoon Suk-yeol, the second Lee Wan-yong of the “Ulsa five traitors”, remains in power.

It is an unquestionable truth taught by history that there is nothing to do with Japan, a hereditary enemy of the Korean nation, but to settle account to the end without mercy.

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